Welcome to genderbuero

The genderbuero is a private company based in Berlin, Germany. We offer consultation, applied research and training in the field of Gender Equality.

Projects of Reference  – (examples)

  • Consultant for UNWomen: Gender Markers and Gender Budgeting Guidance within the UN System (2020)
  • From 2015 to 2020 Regina Frey held the position of a Research Manager for the Second and Third Gender Equality Reports of the Federal German Government.
  • Creation of a gender mainstreaming online module on „Institutional Transformation" for the European Institute for Gender Equality, EIGE (together with Dr. Irene Pimminger, defacto research), August to December 2014
  • Paper on „Gender Responsive Budgeting, Participation and Transparency: Tensions or Synergies?" at the International Conference at the Vienna University of Economics and Business on „Gender Responsive Budgeting: Theory and Practice in Perspective", November 2014
  • Country expert on Germany in a seminar held by the European Commission in Vienna on tools to increase the recognition of the gender dimension in budgets as well as legislation and policy assessment, June 2014.
  • Evaluation of the Gender Responsive Budgets Project in Penang, Malaysia, November 2013
  • „Processes of Implementation in Germany: Examples and Reflections on Impact Monitoring by Gender Budgeting". Presentation for the Council of Europe Conference on „State Budgets: A Key Factor in real Equality between Women and Men", May 2009, Athens.
  • „Paradoxes of Gender Budgeting." Presentation for the First International Conference on Gender Responsive Budgeting and Social Justice in Vilnius, January 2008.
  • Working aid for the implementation of Gender Budgeting for the Federal Chancellery of Austria (2007) (together with M. Koehnen)
  • Process Evaluation of the research project – Ethical Decisions in Retirement and Nursing Homes, Klagenfurt University, Faculty for Interdisciplinary Research and Further Education (Vienna), funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research (2007)
  • Study for the Austrian Federal Ministry for Research and Science: Gender Budgeting in five research programmes (2006/2007)
  • Process consultancy for the Chamber of Labour Bremen, Germany (2005/2006)
  • Process consultancy for the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting in the areas of employee appraisal and public relations in the Berlin Senate Justice Department (2005/2006)
  • EU-Phare Twinning Project Development of Administrative Capacity of National Authorities in the Field of Gender Mainstreaming in Estonia:
    • Training of Trainers on Gender Mainstreaming (Nov./Dec. 2004).
    • Creation of an Internet-Platform on Gender Mainstreaming (Sept. 2005)
    • Desktop-Study on the Integration of Gender-Aspects in selected fields of the Public Service Academy (Nov/Dec. 2005)
  • Evaluation of the Gender-Strategy of the GTZ (2005), support for shaping the new gender strategy
  • Gender-Audit with integrated advanced training for the German Institute for Human Rights (2003 and 2006)